Satco, Inc. began business in November of 1980.

Since inception, our goals were to serve our customers with quality work while maintaining competitive pricing by integrating new technologies with tried and proven technologies.  This Integration has allowed Satco to minimize downtime, while at the same time bringing value to our customers.  Our success in meeting this goal is due to the depth of our organizational resources, pulling from past job experiences of proper material selection and application procedures to meet specific project needs. 

Satco is a Specialty Contractor that holds licenses in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Hawaii. 

We currently have offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Our Specialty Services covers all phases of construction including Turnarounds, Maintenance, Revamps, and New Construction for the following installations.


Certified Contractor Installer for Harbison-Walker Refractories.  


Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU); Sulfur Recover Units (SRU), Reformers, Reactors, Heaters, Steam Generators, and Coking Structure Rehabilitation.


Pulp, Paper and Power Industries: Boilers, Furnaces, Reformers, Thermal Oxidizers, and Reactors.


Plastic, Castable, Ceramic Fiber,  Firebrick Linings and Structural Fireproofing


 We work in all Refining, Petrochem, Power, and Municipal market sectors to provide specialty concrete restoration and protection services.

Concrete Restoration and Modifications

  • Shotcrete/Gunite Applications
  • Form and Pump Applications
  • Specialty Concretes Placements
  • Secondary Containment Sealing
  • Cathodic Protection of Concrete Structures


Corrosion Protection Services

  • Acid Brick Systems
  • Epoxies
  • Polymer Concretes
  • Vinyl Ester Systems and linings
  • Expansion joint and Chime seal applications for Environmental compliance.
  • Crack injection; Urethane and Epoxy systems.
  • Equipment Grouting Requirements
  • Thermal Spray Aluminum and Zinc Alloy (Metallizing)

Specialty Materials Expertise:
 Dudick Coatings, Sika, Ceratech, BASF, Carboline, REMA, Ameron, PolySpec,  Kerneos-Calcium Aluminates, Resco, Nu-Klad, Five Star Grouts and Epoxies.

SATCO owns much of the specialty equipment required to complete the above listed job/material descriptions.  This list includes but is not limited to; Gunite machines, Specialty mixers, Brick saws, Specialty concrete pumps, Fireproofing pumps, Hobart Mixers, and Specialty epoxy spray equipment to support our specialty material needs, for most all installations.

SAFETY:  Safety is a core value of our organization as well as a project priority.  We are approved by ISNetworld, PICS auditing, and adhere to our stringent Drug and Alcohol Program that includes pre-employment, periodic, random, and for cause testing.  Our pro-active Safety Policies and employee focus on safety has led to an average EMR of .88 over the latest 5 year period.